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Music is my passion.




my mission.

- Alice Ji

 Why choose Alice Ji

  • Miss Ji has been teaching piano in D. C. metro area for more than 10 years since 2009.

  • Her top students have won auditions and competitions, and they have performed such prestigious venues as the Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Strathmore Mansion, and Steinway Hall.

  • Students have successfully passed world-renowned and rigorous performance assessments such as ABRSM, RCM, and TRINITY Examinations with distinction.

  • Some of her students have been studying with her for more than 10 consecutive years.

Studio News


10/30/2021: Marcus and Max Yoon will perform at the Bruno Walter Auditorium at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

AFAF Online International Competition Results:


Marcus Yoon (age 10) - 1st Place

Max Yoon (age 13) - 2nd Place



June 2021: In-Person & Online Piano Lessons Available.


June 2021: ABRSM Performance Grades Exam - video submission


WMTA Hartman Awards Result:

Marcus (age 10) received an Honorable Mention.


5/28/2021: Online Spring Recital (Adult)


5/22/2021: WMTA Adult Musicale - Online Zoom Event


5/19/2021: Online Spring Recital (K-12)


5/9/2021: WMTA The Viola Hartman Piano Performance Awards


4/17/2021: WMTA Bach/Baroque Competition


3/27/2021: WMTA Baroque Festival - Online Zoom Event


2/06/2021: WMTA Adult Musicale - Online Zoom Event


12/24/2020 - 1/1/2021: Winter Break (No Lessons)


12/13/2020: Online Winter Recital (K-12)


12/13/2020: Online Winter Recital - Adult Students 

(In honor of Ludvig van Beethoven's 250th birthday)

12/12/2020: Deadline for performance video submissions

11/28/2020: The Studio welcomes Tyrus, a new adult student.


10/31/2020: Online Halloween Recital (K-12)


October 2020: The Studio welcomes Rupal, a new adult student.

Fall 2020: Accepting new students for online lessons only.


September 2020: The Studio welcomes Christine, a new adult student.


8/31/2020: Online Summer Adult Student Recital


8/30/2020: Online Summer Student Recital (K-12)


6/3/2020: Online Spring Student Recital (K-12)

6/1/2020: Inaugural Online Spring Adult Student Recital


5/29/2020: Deadline for performance video submissions for online recital.


ISM Honors' Auditions Results: Lauren T (16) and Anton C (13) have been selected to perform at the Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall in November 2020.

3/22/2020: Due to COVID-19, the studio offers    online piano lessons until further notice.


3/13/2020: Online lessons available


3/28/2020: Washington D.C. Music Teachers Association (WMTA) Event - Anthony Chanaka Classical Festival at Jordan Kitts Music, Rockville, MD (Cancelled)


3/9/2020: Community Outreach performance - Georgetown Senior Center's Enrichment Program at St. John's Episcopal Church

2/1/2020: WMTA Adult Musicale at Steinway Gallery, North Bethesda

Peter (adult) performed Frederic Chopin's Ballade No. 3 in A-flat Major, Op. 47. 


1/26/2020: ISM Adult Student Recital at American University


1/5/2020: Young Artist Award Competition in Gaithersburg, MD

Miss Ji will serve as a jury member at the 2020 Young Artist Award Competition at Kentlands Mansion in Gaithersburg, Maryland.


12/22/2019: ISM Student Recital at American University


12/15/2019: Winter Recital at Jordan Kitt's Music

11/23/2019: WMTA Adult Judged Recital

Peter (adult) performed as a piano duo at the WMTA Adult Recital.

October 2019: The Studio welcomes a new adult student Sam, a graduate student at GW.

September 2019: The Studio welcomes seven new students -  

Brandon, Chetan, Eliana, Ethan, Malia, Max and Maya.


Spring 2019 TRINITY Piano Exam Result:

Peter (adult) successfully performed a 40-minute recital program at the Exam and earned a Licentiate (LTCL) Performance Diploma.

7/13/2019: ISM Honors Concert at the Carnegie Hall, NY

Andrea (age 11) has been selected to perform at the Carnegie Hall, NY. 


May 2019 ABRSM Piano Exam Result:

Emily (age 10) successfully passed ABRSM Exam Grade 3 with distinction.

6/15/2019: WMTA Adult Musicale - Steinway Piano Gallery, North Bethesda, MD


5/5/2019: Spring Recital - Jordan Kitt's Music, Fairfax, VA



4/16/2019: WMTA Haydn Sonata Awards Result

Andrea (age 11) was awarded honorable mention at the Junior Division.


4/8/2019: Georgetown Senior at St. John's Episcopal Church Peter performed for Georgetown Senior at the St. John's Episcopal Church in Georgetown, DC.


3/17/2019: WMTA Student Musicale

Andrea (age 10) performed at the WMTA Student Musicale.


3/7/2019: FMMC Concert at Strathmore Mansion

Alice performed piano duet works with Dr. Irina Koulikova at the Strathmore Mansion


2/9/2019: WMTA Adult Musical

Peter(adult) performed Dussek's Piano Sonata at the WMTA Adult Musical.


2/2/2019: YAA Competition in Gaithersburg, MD

Alice adjudicated at the 2019 Young Artist Awards Competition at Arts Barn in Gaithersburg, Maryland.


12/21/2018: Kennedy Center's Terrace Theater Performance

Alice and her student Andrea (age 10) performed at the Kennedy Center's Terrace Theater.


12/16/2018:Community Outreach Concert

Peter (adult) performed at the Washington DC VA Medical Center.

11/17/2018: WMTA Adult Judged Recital

Peter (adult) performed Faure's Nocturne at the WMTA Adult Recital.


November 2018 ABRSM Piano Exam Result:

Emily (age 10) successfully passed her first ABRSM Exam Grade 1 with distinction.

5/13/2018: WMTA V. Hartman Piano Awards Competition Result

Andrea (age 10): Second Prize

4/23/2018: ISM Honors Auditions Result

Both Andrea (age 10) and Annette (age 10) were selected to perform at the Honors Recital at the Strathmore Mansion on Friday, June 8, 2018.

2/11/2018: WMTA Adult Musicale

Peter (adult) performed at the WMTA Adult Musicale.

1/24/2018: ISM Honors Auditions Result

Jaden (age 13) was selected to perform at the Honors Recital at the Carnegie Hall on Saturday, March 24, 2018. 


1/17/2018: Alice's Piano Duo Performance

Alice is scheduled to perform piano duo at the Friday Morning Music Club's Jordan Kitts Concert in Rockville, MD.

=> Rescheduled for March 14, 2018.


11/11/2017: WMTA Adult Recital

An adult student's piano solo and duo performance


11/3/2017: Alice's Piano Duet Performance

Friday Morning Music Club's Concert Series at Calvery Baptist Church, Washington D.C.


10/22/2017: WMTA Student Musicale

Students performed at the WMTA Student Musicale.

10/20/2017: Masterclass Application Result

My student has been accepted as a student performer at Dr. Michael Angelucci's Masterclass on October 29th.


Now Accepting Students for Summer - Fall 2017/Spring 2018 Lessons


5/20/2017: WMTA Adult Student Musicale

Peter performed both piano solo and duo works at the Steinway Gallery Hall.

4/7/2017: Alice's Performance

Alice Ji will perform at the Friday Morning Music Club Mini Concert Series at the Jordan Kitt's Music in Rockville, MD.

2/4/2017: Adjudication

Alice Ji adjudicated at the 2017 Young Artist Awards Competition - Piano division - in Kentlands Mansion (Gaithersburg, MD).

1/21/2017: ISM Honors Auditions Result

Caylin(age 13) and Jaden(age 12) performed at the Weill Recital Hall at the Carnegie Hall as a winner of ISM Honors Auditions. 


1/6/2017: ALice's Performance

Alice Ji performed at the Friday Morning Music Club's Concert Series at the historic Calvary Baptist Church in Washington DC.